Udjat Agency is the leading marketing agency for restaurants, we’ve searched for so many Syrian restaurants marketing ideas to improve this place looking to offer them a new marketing restaurant plan to implement every stage of the marketing strategy in the most perfect way, as well as comprehensive branding services and professional photoshoots targeting Syrian cuisine lovers all over Alexandria.

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Kenan & Udjat Marketing Agency For Restaurant

Kenan Restaurant for Syrian cuisine has been an Udjat client since 2023. It is also related to Alexandria, Egypt’s food and beverage.

Marketing strategy including

Market research and competitive analysis

Syrian restaurants need more hard work on marketing because of the huge number and hard competition but Udjat helped Kenan to stand out in this competition so

  • We analyzed other Syrian food restaurants and what they offer as well as their prices
  • Kenan’s target audience needs
  • Latest restaurant market trends and updates and market share

helps them to be one of the top Syrian restaurants in alexandria and egypt without exaggerating.

Define SMART goals 

By developing distinct goals that are related to their overall marketing strategy they can measure their progress over a specific period of time.

Plan out the marketing mix 

We used 4ps of marketing the essential factors for successful marketing efforts for their services including:
That would help them to make the most use of the great place and atmosphere they have, creating a competitive advantage, and analyzing their customer’s needs.

Defining the best pricing strategy to compete in the market with, and choosing the best marketing channels for advertising campaigns.

Helping them to be ready for future threats on the market and work more efficiently on their brand awareness.

Syrian Restaurant Brand Empowering

-Using our stunning designs and photoshoots that attract their audience on social media different platforms helped Kenan to become one of the Syrian restaurants that have a Spectacular Online Presence, so they can retain their clients and target new customers on social media, this can

Our teams also Worked on a wide range of channels and platforms, through social media posting, and for sure advertising as one of the most important parts marketing strategy of Syrian restaurants to target their audience most accurately depending on their information and preferences.

One of the most professional Syrian restaurants

Kenan restaurant operates one location in Smouha, Alexandria, Egypt
As one of the top-rated Syrian restaurants Not just a name, they are experts in Syrian food, So where anyone finds a good place to rest and eat delicious Syrian food Kenan is their go-to option.
They have Clever, experienced Syrian chefs, With a professional staff, who serve their clients well.

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