Udjat is a leading marketing agency that helps businesses to achieve more growth by providing professional marketing services, after studying their business market and target audience so we can define the best digital marketing and traditional marketing channels, besides branding services that help to build a reputation for their brand name, we worked with karam Gaber academy provided them with many solutions with a goal to make it a successful fitness academy and get more customers and increase revenue.

Karam gaber fitness academy - athletics academy

Udjat agency services for Karam Gaber Academy 

Since 2020, Karam Gaber Academy has been a valued client of Udjat. Our collaboration involved creating a comprehensive marketing strategy tailored to delineate their objectives and goals. 

This strategy encapsulates their target audience’s brand message, ensuring a powerful connection, and outlines the requisite marketing activities for effective outreach.

Our approach included  a thorough market research initiative

  • Encompassing audience needs,
  • insightful analysis of competitor’s services and pricing structures.

We empower Karam Gaber Academy to not only meet but surpass market expectations, thereby gaining a distinctive competitive advantage within the fitness industry.

SWOT analysis

SWOT analysis is a framework used to evaluate their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. This analytical tool provides a structured approach for assessing the fitness academy’s internal and external factors that influence its performance and competitive position.

By conducting a SWOT analysis, businesses we can gain valuable insights into their:


such as unique capabilities, resources, or competitive advantages. Understanding these strengths allows Karam Gaber Academy to leverage them to maximize opportunities and gain a competitive edge.


Such as resource limitations, skill gaps, or operational inefficiencies.

Simultaneously, it helps, such as resource limitations, skill gaps, or operational inefficiencies. 

A SWOT analysis also helps identify external factors by identifying 


such as emerging markets, consumer trends, or technological advancements. Recognizing these opportunities enables businesses to adapt and develop strategies to capitalize on them, fostering growth and innovation.


such as new competitors, changing regulations, or economic downturns. By understanding these risks, businesses can proactively plan and implement strategies to minimize their impact and ensure long-term sustainability.

By recognizing these internal elements, businesses can work towards improving or mitigating them, enhancing overall performance, and minimizing risks.

Using the 4ps to achieve their marketing objectives


Setting the right cost for their service and maintaining a decent quality.

Besides working on the service so that can meet their customer’s needs.


The product represents the service offered and marketed to the target audience. A successful service should address the needs of potential clients and generate demand by providing value.


Determining the most effective channels and distribution methods to make the services available to customers. This also involves their online presence to ensure convenient access for customers.


Creating awareness and generating demand for the product through marketing and communication activities. This includes advertising, sales promotions, and public relations, to reach their target audience.

Full Branding Services

At Udjat We’ve delivered comprehensive branding development to establish customer trust and position their brand prominently in front of their targeted audience. This includes integral components of digital marketing, social media management, and advertising services.

We’ve created a distinctive visual identity for the brand, encompassing logos and various designs that accentuate their services and effectively convey their brand message.

One of the leading gyms in Alexandria Egypt

It was founded by The Olympic gold medalist karam gaber. so it’s a no-brainer that the most professional fitness academy where you can find, The best services and the most advanced gym machines.

They have an elite team of IPSA-certified trainers and a special floor just for ladies 

They offer training for anyone who wants to get a professional career in different sports like MMA, Boxing, Kickboxing, and Wrestling)

Besides hosting different types of events for sports enthusiasts and  Beside Zumba sessions 

You can even consider it the best gym in alexandria egypt if you looking for professional personal training and comprehensive training programs.

choose Udjat Agency as your marketing partner to achieve better growth for your business.

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gyms and sports courts: Yalla Padel

Supplement store: Nutrition around the world

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