Udjat is a top marketing and advertising agency that offers marketing services and software solutions and National Travel is a professional travel agency that offers well-planned trips for everyone looking to have a great trip that he won’t forget, We provide national travel with a marketing strategy and digital marketing services including attractive designs as part of their visual identity and social media management to improve their brand awareness and get in touch with their potential customers.

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National Travel and Udjat marketing agency partnership

National travel agency has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2022, we provided them with 

Marketing strategy 

Our commitment to enhancing the success of National travel agency extends to crafting dynamic marketing strategies that elevate their visibility and captivate target audiences. Leveraging a blend of digital marketing, social media engagement, and tailored promotional campaigns helped it to one of the best tourism companies in Egypt.

We tailor strategies to each agency’s unique strengths and objectives, From building a robust online presence to deploying targeted advertising, our approach is rooted in maximizing brand exposure and driving customer engagement.

By staying attuned to industry trends and employing innovative marketing tactics, we ensure our travel agency partners stand out in a competitive market, fostering brand loyalty and attracting a broader clientele. Our goal is to not just facilitate travel but to amplify the agency’s reach and impact through strategic marketing initiatives.

We have helped them to (SMART) marketing objectives

Ensuring that our objectives are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant, and Time-bound. Our SMART marketing goals are meticulously crafted to provide clarity and focus, delineating precisely what we aim to achieve.

By incorporating measurable metrics, we track progress and success, allowing for data-driven adjustments. Ensuring that our objectives are both achievable and relevant to the broader business goals, we create a pathway for tangible results. Moreover, our commitment to setting time-bound objectives instills a sense of urgency and accountability, propelling our clients toward consistent and sustainable marketing success.

We also provided them with SWOT analysis

We conduct a comprehensive examination of our client’s business environment, By scrutinizing internal strengths and weaknesses, we pinpoint areas for strategic improvement. Simultaneously, we analyze external opportunities and threats, providing insights into market dynamics and potential challenges.

Our approach equips clients with strategic foresight, empowering them to make informed decisions, capitalize on opportunities, and proactively address challenges in the dynamic business landscape.

We believe in arming our clients with the insights needed to thrive in their industry.

Mastering the Four P’s for Business Excellence

Depending on four main factors of their business

including the product, price, place, and promotion


Refers to the services that a business offers to meet the needs and wants of its target customers, It encompasses the features, benefits, quality, design, branding, and other aspects that make the offering, and its success is crucial for the business’s overall performance.


Referes to the cost of their services that the customers will pay influences sales volume and business profits. 

it reflects the service’s perceived value It also includes offers and discounts


Refers to the distribution strategy, which involves making the product or service available to the target customers at the right time and place.

This includes decisions related to the channels of distribution and the location of sales outlets. The goal is to ensure that the product is conveniently accessible to the target market, whether through physical stores, online platforms, or other distribution channels. 


Includes every decision related to advertising campaigns, budget 

Professional social media and branding services 

Incorporating design elements into its distinctive visual identity, as a professional travel agency and also using it as content for Social media posting helps it to be connected and engaged with its targeted audience create content schedules,

Stay updated with the latest social media trends, as well as Media Buying (paid advertising services)

This allows to execute well-defined advertising campaigns, leveraging insights into their ideal audience’s information, preferences, and demographics for a more precise and impactful reach.

Professional travel agency with high-quality services

The customers enjoy times with National travel and have memorable moments. Also, The agency is located in Alexandria, Egypt.

National travel agency provides several travel and tourism services, such as flight and hotel reservations, to thousands of destinations and in the finest hotels around Egypt.

Through travel, the agency connects people to positive experiences, enabling them to see the world differently, and aiming to create a world where everyone is encouraged to travel.

First destination for Premium Travel Services

National travel agency provides outdoor recreation activities, airlines, car rentals, cruise lines, hotels, great package tours, and guide books.

They work hard to perform and deliver excellent quality service to their clients. Providing them with unforgettable travel experiences is enjoyable with guaranteed services that exceed their expectations.

The satisfaction of their customers and extraordinary service is their main aim, saving your time and money while providing the best value for your trip.

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