Udjat Agency is one of the best marketing agencies in egypt. And Beti Bateh is a bakery in alexandria that provides bakery goods and desserts in alexandria, it’s one of our clients that we provided a strong marketing strategy that helps them to understand the market and developed a competitive advantage, as well as digital marketing, photoshoots. Besides branding development to gain a good reputation, then we supported the whole process with advertising services to reach to their target audience so it can be a leading bakery in Alexandria.

bakery in alexandria Beti Bateh logo includes a home icon with wheat icon

Top-quality bakery goods and desserts

– Beti Bateh is a bakery in Alexandria with one branch on Tharwat Street. 

-Beti Batehs’ bakery products include a variety of desserts, cakes, slices of bread, and beverages. It is the best choice and unlike anything, anyone has ever seen before.

-Cake products include primarily Cakes and other Baked Desserts and Savory pies, as well as all celebration or event cakes for birthdays, so it is also considered one of the best providers of desserts in alexandria.

-Beti Bateh creates new products and services. With high-quality ingredients and materials required to make bread, bread rolls, and pastries, their range of services includes more than just delicious products.

-They put their hearts and thoughts into every custom bakery product they offer. So, whatever the occasion, they are available.

Beti Bateh and Udjat Marketing Agency For Restaurant and Cafe

Professional marketing strategy for bakery in alexandria

Beti Bateh Bakery chose Udjat Agency to be responsible for its online presence and marketing. With Udjat’s expertise, Beti Bateh successfully increased its customer base and revenue after implementing the agreed marketing strategy. 

The marketing strategy was created after a discussion over monthly and quarterly goals. The following are some sectors of our marketing strategy:

1- Market research

– Choose the best suitable places to sell their products, with different marketing ideas. To improve their pricing strategy and products to know who meets their client’s expectations 

– compare it to competitors’ products so it can be a special bakery in alexandria, not a regular one

– And improving their promotions through digital marketing services including advertising and social media strategy

– Depending on the Beti Bateh goals and market situation and after implementing every part of our marketing strategy. We measure its progress by metrics like engagement on social media, conversion rate, and return on investment (ROI).

2- Branding development

For branding services, we did a great job in branding development. Starting by creating a visual identity that makes them different from other bakeries. Relying on specific colors, themes, and designs.

Then we offered them digital marketing services including social media management service that includes :

  • Developing a content plan to post on social media platforms supported by our creative designs.
  • So they can be active on social media gaining more brand awareness and building more trust with their targeted audience as they always exist in front of them.
  • Then working on getting more engagement and conversion by advertising services that can aim for the most interested audience on their products, at the end we implement social media KPIs and reports to analyze the results.

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