Udjat is one of the top marketing and advertising agencies that offer comprehensive marketing services and software solutions. We helped one of our clients La Verte. It’s an online healthy food store that focuses on Cairo and Alexandria residents that love to eat high-quality and healthy food to maintain a well-shaped body without gaining weight and also offers online healthy food delivery. So it’s one of the best providers of healthy food egypt has.

LA VERTE offers online healthy food delivery it's logo includes green background and the word LA VERTE

Healthy and delicious food

La Verte aims to help everyone who is on a diet and diabetic patients with meals and desserts without any added sugar or white flour and even for anyone to maintain his health while enjoying delicious food.

They are one of the few places that offer healthy fresh food with top quality Ingredients. They have all types of food ready-to-eat meals, backing goods, healthy desserts, juices, and different types of delicious and healthy meals
with organic ingredients, fewer calories, and without any artificial flavors or hydrogenated oils.

One of the clients’ beloved services is that La Verte offers weekly packages for their customers where they deliver healthy meals every day at a specific time to help customers with their diet or healthy lifestyle.

La Vert and Udjat Agency Story

Winner marketing strategy

We started by studying La Verte’s target audience. Those who are looking for healthy food products. And created a detailed buyer persona to get an overview of every segment of their audience to meet their needs.
– We studied the market of healthy food stores in Egypt and local competitors, which helps to create a competitive advantage that differentiates it from other stores. With this research and other studies on La Verte’s products and other elements, we developed a marketing strategy that achieved our short and long-term goals.

Smart, swot analysis for online healthy food delivery store

After developing our marketing strategy we created an action plan with goals to achieve during the first quarter,

during the first month. We worked on developing the band art direction providing attractive designs that our customer likes and engaged with it.

We also created campaigns on different social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram to attain our sales goals.  Above all, LaVerte’s weekly subscription was one of the successful campaigns we did as we reached our goal and also got more requests for online healthy food delivery than planned.

Our goals wouldn’t be attainable unless we use SMART goals with the need to be specific, measurable, achievable, realistic, and also time-based. While keeping in mind the strength and weaknesses of La Verte products to fulfill our customers needs

Developing La Verte services and business performance

We provided digital marketing services for La Verte to organize its marketing efforts and reach more interested buyers. Including supporting their brand awareness. By creating designs that show their high-quality products and deliver their latest offers in the best way.

-Moreover, we helped them to provide online healthy food delivery that would help them to achieve more business growth.

Social media management includes content creation and paid ads to boost their online presence. By being in front of their targeted audience and engaging with them to turn them into paying

Deliver their core marketing message as a brand that aims to help people to maintain their health and support patients who need specific types of food.

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