Udjat is a leading marketing agency that offers comprehensive marketing and software solutions HYT is a real estate company in Egypt and one of our clients whom we provided with a complete marketing strategy, other branding development, and digital marketing services, helping it to compete in the hard real estate market.

HYT a real estate company in egypt

Marketing For Real Estate Companies

HYT Group has been one of Udjat’s partners since 2021. We have  provided them with complete marketing services which include:

Competitive marketing strategy

A strategy is similar to a map that guides every business to its destination via a specific route. and to achieve their marketing goals. help the business reach its target customers through appropriate channels and support long-term business success the strategy includes the following elements :

Market research and competitive analysis 

Analyzing the real estate market to better understand their competitors and identify their potential customer’s preferences and needs. Trying to be ahead of other competitors, besides getting information about the real value of the existing services

Implementing the marketing mix

Executing a successful marketing campaign using the four Ps of marketing: 

that help to suit the preferences of the targeted audience and increase sales

price: defining the best pricing strategy to adapt depending on the target market and competitors.

product: their real estate and engineering services 

place: finding the right places for real estate marketing not just physical places but also social media platforms and other digital marketing channels 

Promotion: how to advertise their services and their brand messaging and match it to their target audience.

SWOT analysis

As  a planning method that assists their business in overcoming challenges and  its’  

It mainly helps them to make wiser decisions and consists of

Internal factors :

Strengths and weaknesses: including their financial and human resources and the materials they use 

External factors:

opportunities and threats: like the market’s latest trends, new competitors, and services

Brand positioning for real estate company in egypt

It’s the process of putting its brand out there, differentiate it from other competitors, 

It’s not so much about what it offers as it is about how it offers it to its target audience. 

To have a competitive advantage over other real estate companies to get a better brand image in their consumer’s minds and differentiate their business from the other competitors.

Other digital marketing services

Udjat as a marketing agency that has experience working with various industries. We helped HYT improve its online presence by managing its social media accounts and running effective advertising campaigns. Our efforts led to an increase in brand awareness, which ultimately resulted in improved business growth for the company.

Udjat’s services also included website development for HYT we created a website to improve HYT’s online presence to be on top of its competition as a new source to get more leads and sales revenue.

HYT Specialty

As a leading real estate company in egypt HYT always looks for perfection by providing solid quality in every aspect of the real estate industry, whether it’s construction, architectural design, or developing old outdated methods and other engineering services, with attention to every small detail in the entire process 

That’s why it’s one of the best and most unique real estate development companies in Alexandria city, because of its colossal experience (50 years) in the real estate field.

In addition, their vision focuses on building good long-term relationships with customers making their satisfaction the main goal by providing the highest quality with a suitable budget ending by meeting their clients’ needs 

In summary, they provide top-quality services in every stage of real estate development.

HYT Services

Civil engineering  

starts with excellent planning and smart designing as the first step, 

going through the process with careful attention to every detail until finishing the structure and delivering a high-quality final building product.

Architectural engineering

focuses on the technological level of the process of building a whole integrated system 

Whether it’s a structural or environmental system 

without ignoring the premium quality of materials and strict construction management.

for all types of buildings: residential, administrative, and commercial units.

Construction and Project management solutions.

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