Kami Sushi is one of the best sushi restaurants alexandria city has when it comes to high-quality, well-prepared dishes and a high level of service so it can offer the tastiest and freshest sushi 

Udjat Agency is a leading marketing agency for restaurants, and one of our clients is Kami Sushi in alexandria We’ve developed a marketing strategy of sushi restaurants to have competitive advantages besides helping the sushi restaurant to get new customers, keep in touch with current ones with social media marketing service so it can remain the best restaurant that serves the best sushi in alexandria.in Udajt Agency we’re masters in terms of marketing for restaurants.

logo of restaurant for sushi in Alexandria consists of red circle and 2 chinese letters below it (kami sushi) word and kingdom of sushi .

Number one destination for sushi in alexandria

The restaurant is elegantly designed and attractively adorned. The service is excellent because of the friendly wait staff and rapid dish preparation. Because Kami sushi provides a delicious taste,  also they prioritize quality and quantity. Offering a variety of dishes (seafood and dumplings – sashimi – Sushi rolls)

Kami Sushi is one of the unique sushi restaurant Alexandria has, it has great vibes that makes anyone feel comfortable while having their favorite meal. it values its client’s opinions and feedback 

Therefore, the restaurant is always looking to improve more every day to meet customers’ expectations and complete this wonderful experience with friendly staff serving people with love. kami sushi also has a delivery service to enjoy your favorite meal at home.

Kami Sushi & Udjat Marketing successful partnership

Kami Sushi has been an Udjat client since 2022, and it is in the food and beverage industry in Alexandria, Egypt.

We’ve provided kami sushi with a marketing strategy of sushi restaurants focusing on implementing all suitable marketing techniques and strategies to help the restaurant become more successful 

Marketing strategy for sushi in alexandria

By gathering information about their market, and competitors, and understanding their target audience and how to reach them, besides defining their goals and objectives 

Buyer Persona (people  who are looking for sushi in Alexandria)

As representations of their ideal customers who are looking for the best sushi in Alexandria, divide their customer base into different segments based on their psychographics and demographics to have a better understanding of their customer’s needs and to design more accurate advertising campaigns and better content to target them with on social media platforms 

We also provided them SWOT analysis

-To identify their business performance including 

  1. Strengths
  2. Weaknesses
  3. Opportunities
  4. Threats

Identifying what makes kami sushi different from other sushi restaurants and what weaknesses they need to work on and improve as well as future opportunities and threats and manage marketing activities effectively.

Marketing Budget

Which is the most important part of the strategy By defining all their marketing costs 

depending on their marketing goals. Understand their customer’s journey. Prioritize their initiatives and ensure that they don’t waste their money on other unimportant aspects by measuring ROI(return on investment).

Branding services for sushi restaurants 

We provided them with designs with specific colors and fonts to develop a special appearance for their brand,  as part of full branding services that empower Kami Sushi brand name, then it can be the first place anyone would think of when he looks for sushi in Alexandria, Udjat Agency’s teams offered social media marketing service targeting sushi lovers around the city so it can acquire new clients that improve overall profits.

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