Udjat agency has worked as a marketing agency with multiple clients in Egypt and the middle east, marketing for Digital platforms and booking applications. One of our clients, Joyou it’s a new booking application with an innovative idea to help people to reserve their set at any entertainment place they dream of especially restaurant booking, in Alexandria providing them with a complete marketing strategy including digital marketing service, competitor analysis, and full branding services.

JOYOU booking application logo consists of the J letter in a light blue color with white background

Innovative smart platform 

They are one of the few platforms that offer that type of unique service. It’s Booking online at any restaurant they prefer while sitting on their couch, Which saves time and effort because it’s a booking application that can be on everyone’s phone. 

They offer reservations for entertainment places which is a great deal for groups of friends to just spend a great time together or even to celebrate birthdays or anniversaries for couples and big families Besides getting great unlimited offers for their customers this way they make restaurant booking or any other entertainment place easier than ever before.

You can consider them as a helping hand for anyone who didn’t plan well for a birthday, casual meeting, or just time out from everyday responsibilities

They also offer a great advantage for business owners who need to efficiently offer their service to their target customers, and help their businesses achieve more growth.

Joyou and Udjat marketing agency for Digital platforms and mobile apps

We worked with JoYou to develop a full strategy and marketing plan. The importance of planning phases enables you to keep track of all your goals and measure your plan’s success and failure continuously.

Marketing strategy 

The marketing strategy consists of some questions to determine like how to position your company in the market.

What are your product features and how to use them, what type of advertising will be used, and much more.

You can check more details in this article:

Key takeaways

Marketing isn’t only about advertising and creating ads, it’s about creating a community.

where customers love and interact with your brand.

The marketing strategy sets goals and metrics for your company’s marketing activities should follow your marketing strategy

Marketing services for joyou booking application

Udjat as the best marketing agency in Egypt offered them marketing services to achieve more growth and it includes:

1- Product

Analyzing their service whether it meets their customer’s needs and expectations after studying the life cycle of a product at every single stage and how to improve its quality.

2- Price

Deciding the suitable cost for the value and the quality that their services offer their customers as a booking application. Without neglecting future discounts, supply costs, and competitive prices.

3- Place

Where are the best places to sell their products and services, in addition, How to get there them in front of their customers eyes, Deciding the best palace relies on.

Choosing the best marketing platforms they need to list and advertise for their services on, so they can get more awareness.

4- Promotion

That means how we advertise their services to reach their target audience, and deciding what are the best methods and effective digital marketing channels we will use.

Rather than that, we provide them with a complete social media plan including:

  • social media moderation and constant posting using our professional designs depending on their current online presence.
  • So they can be more connected to their customers and try to acquire new potential customers.
  • Which leads to improving their conversion rates and increasing their final revenue.

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