Ema is a construction company in Alexandria and one of the most complete in its industry we provided them with a marketing strategy of the construction industry after studying the market that needs every contracting company to do its best so it can compete, We also as the best marketing agency in egypt, developed a complete branding development service to build a solid reputation in the construction field besides marketing of social media which can support the whole strategy to be more complete with a final goal to be the best construction company in egypt.the word EMA in horizontal position with a red color with white background - a contracting company

EMA and Udjat marketing agency for construction and real estate

For a considerable period of time, EMA has been one of the valued clients of Udjat Agency. 2022, and it is one of the leading construction companies in the real estate industry all over Egypt. We have provided them with a marketing strategy of the construction industry, starting by defining their making goals to work on.

Marketing strategy for a construction company

Start to implement market research and competition analysis as the construction market is a tough one because of the large number of companies with a lot of experience so we need to work first at:

  • To improve their business
  • understand their target audience by analyzing their information 
  • Know if there is a need for their services
  • Be updated with the latest construction industry trends
  • Identify their strength and weaknesses
  • Get information about the market share
  • Develop the most suitable content marketing strategy

Depending 4ps of marketing factors for more efficient marketing for their service by identifying 

The best places they can market for services to reach their potential customers, are not just the physical places but also the best digital marketing channels.

The best price strategy for the long term and how much they can price their services, in a way that makes them better than their competitors.

Their product or service they offer and how to make it unique and can present great value to the customers

Promotion: refers to where they can promote their services and then set a suitable budget to achieve this strategy and other things related to their brand image and public relations.

competitor analysis and analyzing contracting industry

Analyzing the market and the competitors to get a place in the competition and know how to get to the top by achieving a list of goals that leads the company to the best in the field.

We as a professional marketing agency in egypt analyzed their targeted audience to know their needs and their budget.

We can achieve a balance between their price and quality so they can have a suitable position in the contracting market.

SMART goals 

for the company to be aligned with marketing efforts, its goals need to be 

Specific: clear and significant goals to focus the efforts on it

Measurable: to track the goal progress 

Achievable: is possible to achieve and realistic within a time-frame

Relatable: related to each other and to the overall  marketing strategy

Time-bound: having start and target date and organizing goals by their priority

Social Media Marketing

to stand out from other construction companies, to reach their target audience is on social media

By consistent social media content to increase brand awareness, and generate more qualified leads. 

Branding development

We developed a stronger brands name by creating special branding materials to make the brand stand out from the crowd. After that, with the help of professional social media management services. So, we can achieve one of the marketing strategy goals to reach their target audience.

Then try to reach them and get them to know the company, and its high-quality services, as an experienced construction company in Egypt.

In conclusion, we can measure how far they’ve come with the strategy using several metrics, including conversion rate, sales revenue, and ROI.

Specialized contracting company 

EMA one of Udjat Agency’s clients since 2022, and it is one of the leading construction companies in the real estate industry all over Egypt.

EMA for Contracting & General Services Company Was Established (2009).

The company has gained preference and excellence among businesses as a leading construction company in Egypt

confidence. Offer a lot of excellent quality services like;

Drilling works, survey engineering services, mining plans, and infrastructure projects. Moreover, they have a wide range of heavy construction equipment, as a unique construction company in Egypt.

Since its founding, EMA has specialized in numerous public contracting activities as well as the execution of quarries, mines, and raw material extraction including

(gypsum, phosphate,  granite, and ores).

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