Udjat agency is the best marketing agency in Egypt providing marketing services in different industries, and Chillout is a huge construction company in Egypt that offers professional contracting services. We started our partnership in 2023, providing them with a complete marketing strategy, professional branding services and digital marketing including social media management to improve their online presence as a specialized contracting company.

chillout construction company in egypt logo with the phrase chillout for construction in the black and orange colors

Chillout and Udjat marketing agency for construction

Udjat is the best marketing agency in Egypt helping businesses achieve more growth,

We provided them with a marketing strategy based on their goals and initiatives that can lead them to have more engagement, conversions, and revenue besides the main goal of a top-rated construction company in egypt.

Market Research

Strating by gathering information about the construction industry and clients to understand the market well.
As it’s a critical component of every marketing strategy. the market search entails obtaining and evaluating information about thier consumers and industry, such as market size

Which allows chillout to know more about thier customers as well as the existing and future demand for thier services.

defining thier target customer (Buyer Persona)

To become more focused on clients , we must find strategies to obtain and apply market insights, by researching potential and current customers to know their preferences and interests.

We can find multiple buyer personas because of different criteria, understanding their clients well, can make a huge impact by meeting their needs.

then following these steps to identify thier target segments:

1. Determine the most effective strategy for segmenting construction market (behavioral, demographic, geographic, psychographic).
2. Prioritize target categories based on relevant business criteria such as potential value, brand distinctiveness, and ability to serve.
3. Develop a profile for each of your selected target segments and create personas based on these profiles.

Marketing plan

The marketing plan should be a practical and detailed document that outlines realistic and measurable objectives.

Having a well-structured and documented marketing plan offers several advantages.

It helps remove uncertainty from your marketing efforts, ensures smooth execution of marketing activities, and allows to monitor the progress.

social media management

Content strategy and social media management:

  • Which platforms we will use to publish the content Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, or Twitter
  • Deciding the content types we will work on. Whether it’s videos, posts, case studies.
  • Paid ads and how to target the most interested audience.

For instance, We provided them with comprehensive services

  • constant posting using our creative designs so they can be active and compete on every platform.
  • moderation to be more connected to their audience answering their questions and getting feedback from them.
  • That helped at the end by getting more leads and helping to increase conversion rates.

Branding services

  • Our teams provided them with complete branding services including creating a special brand identity starting by creating a powerful logo.
  • A strong logo can reflect their vision by featuring it on every social media platform here is where branding is integrated with digital marketing.
  • Creative designs with special themes and colors deliver their brand message and highlight their impressive services and making them more memorable as one of the best construction companies in egypt.

The main goal is to build recognition and gain loyal customers, and help them to be different and stand out from the crowd.

Expert construction company

The Egyptian construction market is heavily filled with companies that claim to offer every single service in the construction field from A to Z, But when it comes to quality.

they definitely can’t offer the quality of a company that specialties and gives a huge focus.

They are always doing a lot of effort into just three main services of the most important aspects of the construction process.

This company is Chillout they are real experts and provide their clients with a top-rated quality service that no other Egyptian company could offer.

Why chillout is different?

As a leading construction company in Egypt they put their customer’s safety as a top priority, aiming to offer the best possible quality .

They use the last technological methods in the construction field so, they can reach the world-class level of construction work.

chillout is working with an organized comprehensive plans to expand their construction activities, to cover the whole country.

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