Udjat Agency is an advertising and marketing agency that helps businesses to grow and make progress in the market, and Al-Salba is one of our clients in the construction industry. Udjat has provided Al-Salba with a Marketing strategy to achieve growth as building materials in Egypt which competes in a tough market. Moreover, we helped them to build a stand-out brand elegant logo. Al-Salba Company is a leading steel company in Egypt working with iron, steel, and cement supplies companies in Egypt. They are cooperating with many large real estate developers, contracting companies, and major construction materials suppliers in Egypt.

steel company in Egypt Alslaba logo including golden color Iron Rods above the word (salba - صلبة)

Udjat agency and Al-Salba steel company in Egypt

Al-Salba Group has been a client of Udjat since 2021.
As a professional steel company in Egypt, they needed a professional marketing

Marketing strategy of a construction materials company

We conducted a market search and competition analysis because the construction industry is difficult due to the large number of enterprises with extensive experience,

Implementing the marketing mix

This part of marketing practices helps to make better decisions on
how the Alsalba company proposes to sell its products and this includes:

Place: where they must sell their services and transport them to the market in order to reach their potential clients.

price: by determining appropriate pricing for their services while considering their business costs such as offers, discounts, and supply costs, as well as competition prices.

product or service and how to make it unique and valuable to customers and meet their needs.

Promotion includes selecting the finest ways to promote their services, as well as the greatest marketing activities and advertising campaigns.

Brand positioning for steel company in Egypt

Udjat as an experienced marketing agency in Egypt analyzed their target audience to know their needs and their budget so we can make the balance between their price and quality so they can have a suitable position in the contracting market to be one of the best providers of building materials in Egypt.
Establishing a solid brand that stands out

An elegant logo design helps them to have a strong brand visual identity that is stuck in people’s minds and makes the company more special than the rest beside makes grabs more attention besides, delivering the company’s messages and values and interestingly telling the company’s story. And because we have a professional logo design that is a part of the branding service that we master.

Our designers create the types of logos that introduce the company well to consumers as a top steel company in Egypt. Without forgetting the company’s main product and industry.

Moreover, it makes it attracts the public interest and motivates them to know more about the company. So they can acquire potential customers that helped them to improve their final sales and revenue.

To make it clearer their logo is the first thing that their targeted audience will see when they see anything related to their brand.so It should be on every company’s marketing materials such as business cards, billboards, social media advertisements, etc.

Then, we provided them with a logo that stands out so they don’t miss future sales opportunities based on their visual identity that people can’t easily forget.

Al-Salba specialty

Al-Salba is a leading steel company in Egypt that provide iron and different building materials in Egypt.

It has been established after studying and understanding the market and its requirements, besides planning to deliver the best quality to the business.

They can provide top-tier Building Materials for General Contracting Companies and they’re a trusted agent for all iron and cement factories it’s also a key player working with the different construction companies in Egypt
One of the best construction companies in Egypt.

What makes Al-Salba different and better than its competitors guarantees its clients Speed of understanding and providing their client site’s needs, perfect implementation meeting the site’s needs with suitable technical standards.A big number of delivery vehicles to supply every site with its needs and flexible payment solutions

It is a trusted agent for the following companies, as Al-Salba works with the Largest real estate development companies, public contracting companies, the largest traders, and the best construction companies in Egypt including:
Egyptian steel
Minya protland cement
Suez steel
Ezz steel
Ashry steel

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