Udjat Agency is the leading marketing agency for restaurants and cafes, and one of our clients is space related to the cafe and restaurant industry in Alexandria, Egypt. a great cafe in Alexandria by the sea with a wonderful view. We’ve developed a marketing strategy of a successful cafe and restaurant, with extensive research about our target audience, our competitors. In addition to the latest trends in the industry of food and beverage. including digital marketing methods to improve their business income. Our teams made a huge impact on Space’s brand name making more people know about it as one of the best Alexandria cafes by creating outstanding designs to support its digital presence besides other branding services so it can be the best of Alexandria coffee shops.

sapce on of the best alexandria cafes logo includes space word in a white color with two trianles in the middle

Most complete cafe in Alexandria 

Space Cafe has a magical view It has a lot of services, a long list of drinks, fruit juices, cocktails and coffee, sandwiches, and other delightful meals.

Space Cafe offers many areas for drinking and dining, Have something special for groups of friends and it is private room spaces for playing video games on a PlayStation or watching Netflix for hours. 

A unique experience that differentiates Space from the rest of Alexandria cafes.

It is also the best place to watch worldwide football matches and the last sports events with a large screen that makes you live the best experience, and friendly waiters who make guests feel welcome.

Space can organize an unforgettable birthday party for anyone who wants to have a birthday that makes him feel special. All of that is because of the wise management of Mr. Ahmed Zaki has been running the Space Cafe since 2021.

Space Cafe & Udjat Marketing Agency 

Space café and PlayStation has been a client of Udjat Agency since 2021.

Udjat Agency has provided full branding development helping Space Restaurant to deliver its vision to consumers as one of the best Alexandria cafes’.

Branding development

They have solid quality through designs and other branding services giving it a strong identity that helps to compete in Alexandria coffee shops’ tough market and highlights its advantages that not every Alexandria cafes have like the private rooms it has with PlayStation that attract young people and other services it has,

Marketing strategy

Moving to build a marketing strategy of a successful cafe and restaurant after defining its main goals so we can start implementing marketing ideas including; a huge number of smart methods to improve its brand awareness, developing promotions ideas and good offers,

So it can increase its sales and add more support


Our team did a great job on digital marketing services by expanding Space restaurant’s digital presence on different social media platforms. By posting content, and using advertising campaigns that present its brand name as the most suitable cafe in Alexandria by the sea for the city residents, showing its exceptional services to its target audience

So, it ended up benefiting from its special location by the sea, different digital marketing channels and social media platforms, brilliant branding, and advertising ideas made on the lead of Alexandria cafes

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