Udjat Agency is one of the leading digital marketing agencies in Egypt. We’ve developed a marketing strategy of the smoked food restaurant in Alexandria Egypt, to make progress and outcome its competitors, improving the way it works as they are looking to offer a new style of specialization. Moreover, we’ve worked hard to create a brand development strategy that helps the place to be a more recognizable and special place to serve the best brisket in Egypt. Our services include marketing of social media, and improving Mr smoker’s online presence as a huge step toward targeting smoked food lovers all over Alexandria.

Logo of restaurant in alexandria egypt inculdes, A hexagon shape with orange horizontal lines and an orange bull head

Mr smoker & Udjat Marketing Agency

Mr. Smoker has been a client of Udjat since 2021.

marketing strategy of the smoked meat restaurant

market research

with deep studying of their competitors, the audience needs, reducing risks, and getting an overview of their market share.

Analyzing business performance

Product: referring to a product or a service they trying to offer to

Their customers. they need to meet their existing customer’s demands, and they have to focus on every single stage of the product. They also need to decide the best price for its real value that would help to gain a suitable position on the market.

Place: We Helped them to know where they

have to sell or deliver the product to the market. The real target of trying to get their products in front of customers that are the most likely to purchase them.

Promotion: also can include the product’s position on social media-specific platforms and web pages to gain more attention

Lastly, we focus on Promotion which includes how to present the product or the service to customers and why they should buy it and Choosing the best places to promote their products so they can reach

their targeted audiences on every traditional and digital marketing channel.

Swot analysis

We conducted to identify a company’s competitive

position by identifying the internal and external factors, to overcome the problems they could face.

Then they can compete armed with solid competitive advantages, being a tough opponent as a business. and most importantly, focusing on getting rid of weaknesses points and strengths points to develop.

Branding development

Our teams also put lots of effort to develop a brand development strategy, so they can be the first place anyone will look for when thinking of the best places for brisket in egypt.

This could be done through social media management services including,  posting content on different platforms besides paid ads benefits to engage with current customers and get the chance to acquire new ones who will surely love the place.

Above all, this lets people know that it’s a unique restaurant in alexandria egypt, to serve perfect brisket in egypt.

Unique smoke food experience

Mr smoker is a top restaurant in alexandria Egypt, that serves smoked brisket in egypt it offers a variety of smoked food (brisket-ribs-smoked chickens besides other delicious dishes).

They offer top-quality service and friendly staff to serve the client with the best experience he will have Ain his life.

Mr Smoker is not a regular smoked food restaurant, but it has special tools and experienced chefs, that offer the best smoked food and brisket in egypt.

Cause it can achieve the original Smoking flavor knowing what they’re doing, through the whole process

starting from choosing the best types for smoked and barbecue to implementing the suitable methods by expert chefs. Ends by producing meat that tastes like heaven that melts in every meat lover’s mouth

They always provide its customer with endless offers and new dishes. In conclusion, it’s the best place for friends and families who need a place to go to enjoy wonderful vibes.

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