Udjat Agency is one of the best marketing agencies in the middle east, we have been working with Gicorec since 2023, and it is considered as a leading recruitment agency in Egypt, we provided them with a marketing strategy of an ambitious company that can be one of the best on the world, besides helping them to build a solid digital presence on different social media platforms and other marketing channels as part of other digital marketing services so they can affirm that they top-rated recruitment agency.

Gicoricalex recruitment agency logo consists of A magnifier over the Africa continent and MENA Region

Gicorec and Udjat marketing agency for Recruitment Agencies

They started their successful partnership with Udjat since 2023

We provide them with a marketing strategy of being the best recruitment agency in the middle east based on their goals that include:

Swot analysis

Analyzing their strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and future threats and how to deal with every one of them starts from deciding their position on the market by choosing the best price for their customers in line with maintaining a suitable quality, putting competitors prices into consideration.

Searching for the best places to showcase their services in and also for promoting their services, whether marketing channels or actual places to put billboards and printed advertisements.

Social media management

  • As part of digital marketing services, after creating a content plan. Choosing the most suitable content for their audience and where to publish it managing their content type, designs, and publication.
  • That includes social media moderation and managing their accounts on different platforms. Additionally, responding to their customer’s questions, and providing them with their offers.
  • Using our designs that reflect their messages as content and branding materials to be in front of their audience.
  • Paid social media advertisements to acquire new customers with more detailed and accurate targeting based on their preferences and needs.

A recruitment agency with huge experience 

Gicorec has been established in 1992,

They are one of the biggest companies in the middle east and the best recruitment agency in Egypt. That works on human resourcing recruitment and consulting services.

Gicorec has huge experience with more than 27 years of helping people to find jobs and live a dignified life.

They have a mission that everyone should respect, as a leading recruitment agency in Egypt providing professional help for their candidates, and also their clients, offering them their specific needs.

Their vision: they aim to be the most trusted recruitment agency in Egypt. Because they have a solid establishment of their company, that offers the best service quality and helps every Egyptian citizen to find a decent job abroad.

Gicorec manage the recruitment process in the most professional way meeting all their client’s needs

Gicorec services

  • FREE applying for available Jobs
  • Certificates & Document Attestation
  • Legal & Consular Attestation from all foreign consulates
  • CV Shortlisting & Headhunting
  • Interviews Management
  • MOL Registration & On-Boarding

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