Udjat agency is a professional marketing agency in Egypt that can help businesses to achieve more growth, by doing digital marketing for stores like our client Anime House. Which is the first anime store Alexandria offering a wide range of products for anime lovers, they are also considered to be the best anime store in Cairo. We provided them with a marketing strategy that includes: brand development as we are one of the top-rated branding companies in Egypt, digital marketing services, and art direction to achieve their goals and get more customers.

Udjat the marketing agency in egypt for Anime House

Udjat Your marketing agency in Egypt

Anime House Is the first and biggest anime store in Egypt offering everything for anime lovers.

Like anime accessories, games, K-pop products, bags, t-shirts/hoodies with their client’s favorite anime characters, and much more.

We can consider them a paradise for every Asian culture enthusiast and anime lover, they also offer constant giveaways and competitions for their customers.

They have an online store where you can find all you want as anime lovers with a delivery option to get the product to your doorsteps quickly. With fast delivery and unique products of Anime House our digital marketing for stores like them wasn’t that easy. 

Anime House and Udjat marketing agency in egypt

We provided them with a marketing strategy that can help their business to achieve their business goals and reach new customers.

We started to achieve their goals with the positioning by choosing the most suitable price for their products and the place they want their brand to be in their target market.

Anime community 

A powerful community that interacts with your brand and shares. What they love and hate is always better than just trying to sell.

We focus with Anime House on developing its community of anime lovers by sharing anime news, memes, videos, and the latest trends.

All of these ideas lead to a superior impact on the brand image and also money wisely.

Expert marketing agency in egypt for Market search 

Our marketing team conducted market research after gathering information to know their target audience needs as an anime store Alexandria market started to gain more competitors

so we needed to analyze their competitors. So they can make better decisions based on a clear view.

The power of analysis 

We studied their strengths so they can know what are the most valuable products they offer. Additionally, how the competitors see them so they can create a competitive advantage from our marketing ideas and maintain the ones they already have.

Weaknesses so they can know where to put more effort, and how to be ready for future threats. Therefore, they could face and benefit from future opportunities as well as help them to choose the best places and digital marketing channels to promote their products.

Planning in digital marketing for stores

Action plan:

Including social media management services with scheduled content for digital marketing. To improve their connection with the audience and acquire more of their targeted ones.

In addition, advertisements help them to have more accurate targeting. Planning was one of our main factors for success in doing digital marketing for stores as per technical skills.

Art direction:

Udjat offered them a new logo concept and elegant designs for social media to express their brand message and goals. This helps them to be more recognizable and memorable as a brand.

Create your success story with Udjat Agency in digital marketing for stores

for professional marketing services that can help your business with innovative ideas for the future. You can find more information about our services here

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