Boba Spot has been one of Udjat Agency’s clients since 2021 and it is one of the first and few places that serves boba tea in alexandria. Udjat Agency is the leading marketing agency for restaurants and cafes, and one of our clients is boba spot cafe, with a new experience for its customers in Alexandria, Egypt.

We’ve searched for so many cafes and restaurant marketing ideas for cafe to improve this place We’ve provided social media marketing service for the cafe and then started marketing for its target audience. we have helped this brand to be the best cafe in the boba tea alexandria market so one of the main goals was increasing online presence.

A black circle includes two phrases Bubble tea, mochi and more and a Boba tea cup on the middle of it above the word Boba spot cafe

A whole new experience

If you enjoy trying new foods and following your cravings. As a consequence, your tastes fluctuate greatly depending on your mood. Something that is your go-to food today could be a distant memory by next week.

That’s why Boba Spot has chosen to take you on a Boba and Mochi journey.
At first appearance, it appears to be a delightful snack for when you need a pick-up after a long day.

You will also like almost any type of mochi. Mochis are made from rice flour and filled with ice cream and are generally topped. They come in a variety of flavors then it’s not just a boba cafe but it has a variety of choices.

Boba Spot and Udjat Marketing Agency For Cafe and Restaurant

Udjat Agency created a comprehensive marketing strategy including improvements for Boba Spot Cafe’s online presence and art direction for boba spot cafe and has been providing a

Define their main Objective using (SMART goals). That needed to be specific goals and a way to measure our progress toward these goals. Besides being available, realistic, and relevant to their business values and initiatives and adapting a timeframe to measure the
goals within. boba cafes

market research

To know how they could acquire a bigger market share and get more information about their competitors other boba cafes.

Furthermore, we created (a buyer persona) for their target audience to choose the best marketing practices to adapt and reach them.
like enhancing its online presence and social media advertising through social media management services

SWOT Analysis for boba spot cafe

To evaluate their business performance, weakness, future opportunities, and potential threats
Lastly, we can use KPIs to measure how far the strategy has gone with their business including
Like social media engagement, conversion rate, and cost per lead.

As well as other marketing services

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