Udjat is one of the top marketing and advertising agencies that worked with a large number of businesses in different industries. One of our clients is Micetribe, an event management company in Qatar. It is an event management system that helps event planners organize events of any type and size using their AI in their SaaS (software as a service) system which makes event planning easier.
Udjat Agency helps Micetribe as we are their digital marketing partner since 2023 and are responsible for the marketing strategy of their SaaS.

MICEtribe: events management company : the logo consist of Golden shape with 2 dots on the right and the left on a horizontal line with black background

Powerful platform with a unique experience for events management and planning

Micetribe is a strong and simple software that makes event planning much easier for every event planner with comprehensive solutions for every level of tech experience for every type of event whether it’s virtual, hybrid, or in-person

Powerful AI

The system automates the whole events management process while offering onsite solutions including ( registering – confirmation – printing badges- check-in/out) and using AI for quicker and better results. The AI eliminates a lot of routine tasks that normally consume event planner time and make events planning harder enabling him/her to become more productive and focus on important tasks.

Real-time tracking

Real-time tracking is one of Micetribe’s event management system unique features and one of the fewest companies that can provide this feature as it is complicated. The feature enables event organizers to track the number of attendees, monitor zone capacity, event revenue, and much more.


Micetribe also offers customized solutions for any event organizer looking to create a customized feature to solve one of its event problems from any industry or any scale.

MICEtribe and Udjat Marketing Agency Partnership

Udjat agency worked with Micetribe on developing a marketing strategy to achieve the company’s short and long-term goals. These are some of the marketing strategy points:

Buyer Persona

We created a buyer persona to understand Micetribe’s target audience by analyzing company data like clients’ demographics, locations, interests,..etc
Micetribe target audience
The company focuses on 3 different customers: event organizers, freelancers, and event enthusiasts. Some of the ways we developed better marketing for

Micetribe events management services were:

Developing their website for a higher conversion rate 
Focusing on providing elite events management services for clients
Creating an attractive content plan
Analyzing customers’ behavior on the website 

Market Search and analyzing events management companies

Analyzing Micetribe competitors, websites, and revenue streams.

besides, social media accounts while also creating research about the latest market trends and customers’ needs
We also conducted a SWOT analysis for Micetribe and its competitors. As a result, we can identify strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, and threats.

The research falls under finding competitors’ unique selling points, and what they offer better than us. Additionally, problems that prevent them from improving and making use of coming opportunities, Finally, dealing with future threats and risks in the SaaS market.

Additional marketing services

Case studies:

We created some case studies for Micetribe covering their successful partnership with previous clients and how they managed to help them which led to :

Become more trustable
Converts audience into paying customers
Increase Sales and Revenue

events management Company profile:

Creating a company profile telling Micetribe’s story and defining its brand value and how customers will benefit from working with them. Besides informing their audience about their product and services. Improving and updating the company profile led to:

Better communication with customers
Increasing conversion rate
Winning Investors interest

SEO services:

Improving MICEtribe website design, structure, and content make it more appealing while also improving its rank on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yelp.
Which increased organic web traffic with qualified customers leading to more conversions, and increasing revenue along with ROI.
MICEtribe clients

MICEtribe Worked with giants like:

Dubai world trade center
Qatar Foundation

And helped in organizing big worldwide events including:

Qatar world cup 2022
Careers UAE
World innovation summit for Education
World innovation summit for Health
Aceler tech in Portugal
EXPO Turkey

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