Udjat is a marketing agency that is one of the leading in the middle east and Jinne store is one of our clients in our marketing and software solutions for the industry of e commerce in the USA we provided them with marketing strategy and website development services creating a standout website as the main part of their project helping them to give more focus to other aspects of their business because Udjat has a group of the best website developers Egypt could offer.

Circle include a the word Jinne inside it and the website with the phrase best online market the logo is for an e commerce in the usa

Helping small businesses to grow

The Jinne Store is a platform that enables multiple sellers to sell their products through a single online store with the lowest commission with a fully secured application and high-quality support. It provides a centralized system for managing inventory orders, customer data, and other aspects of running an online business. The Jinne store can be either a standalone website or part of a larger e-commerce marketplace.

Udjat agency and Jinne Store successful partnership 

As one of the best digital marketing agencies in egypt have we worked hard as marketing for e commerce in the usa has become a highly competitive market with the 

High demand on ordering everything to get delivered to home.

They are one of the few online store e-commerce that offers phone accessories and phone parts wholesale.

Jinne Store has been one of Udjat Agency clients since 2021, working in the industry of e commerce in the usa. We provided them with:

Marketing strategy

To guide them and achieve more growth, organize their marketing efforts, and work on reaching their targeted audience 

create marketing objectives using ( SMART) goals method making sure that the goals are 

(specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, time-based)

Buyer Persona

  • Then we created Buyer Persona as a representation of the perfect audience who would be interested in their products by segmenting them depending on their based on their interests, pain points, demographic and psychographic profile to develop more efficient marketing campaigns and content marketing strategy.
  • Besides gathering and analyzing information about their online store e-commerce market competitors that work on e commerce in the usa

Identify their main marketing  goals  like:

– Get a larger market share

– Increase brand awareness.

– Launch a new product

– Increase sales revenue

– Increase brand awareness

– Improve return on investment (ROI)

We also provided them with a SWOT analysis for e commerce in the usa

To evaluate their business performance by analyzing their strengths, Weaknesses, opportunities, and threats Identifying what is their competitive advantage and what avoiding it from being better like lowest performing products on their online store e-commerce, as well as future opportunities and threats in the market.

Analyze the  (marketing 4Ps) 4 main factors of their business to have more efficient marketing to support the marketing strategy by having a better understanding of what they offer and how to persuade their audience to buy them Including:

The product, price, place, and promotion 

  • Product: defining how to offer their product and services that meet their target audience’s needs the most and fulfill their demands
  • Price: deciding a suitable cost for their product or service, choosing the perfect pricing strategy whether for the short or the long term without forgetting to link the price to the product’s real value.
  • Place: Choosing the best places to market and sell their products as well as the best digital marketing channels 
  • Promotion: defining how they will communicate with their target audience including advertising campaigns, public relations, and building a solid reputation.


We helped them to put their costs for marketing their products and services aligned with their marketing initiatives. And everything related to advertising campaigns. With a specific time period

Making sure they are only paying money to reach marketing goals

Complete e-commerce store 

Jinne Store is a powerful e-commerce website with the main goal to make the online shopping experience easy.

Jinne Store is one of the best e commerce in the usa above other stores

You can find everything you need 

– Jinne store is also one of the few e commerce in the USA that provides high-quality phone accessories and phone parts wholesale.

– they ship the parts and your needs directly to your door. The best part about using the Jinne store is that you can often find better prices than you would at other stores. You can also find your needs and parts that are not available.

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