Padel Sport has been rising in the past few years as it grabbed the attention of people of different ages. At Udjat Agency one of the best marketing agencies in Egypt we worked with Yalla Padel helping to create a successful business in this rising of padel in Alexandria to become one of the best padel courts in Egypt. We provided Yalla Padel with a marketing strategy with the goal of achieving more growth in booked courts and also in league players.

Yalla Padel Logo
blue Padel racket beside the word yalla padel and D today, A tomorrw

Padel lovers

Yalla Padel have professional management, and founders who love the game giving it all that they got in terms of quality of sports equipment, court flooring quality, and passion

It’s not just like other regular padel courts in Egypt, it has a lot of advantages, with the fully covered court so can continue their exciting matches without thinking about the weather,

Yalla Padel is one the fewest padel courts in Egypt that have an academy for juniors and even amateurs, It also has a flexible payment system with cash or visa.

The only Padel league in egypt 

Yalla Padel invaded the padel in Alexandria by creating for the first time in Egypt a padel league where more than 32 teams competed against each other for more than 3 months. 

It is an incredible idea for padel lovers looking for a competitive League which helps them to maintain their high level while also having fun for months instead of just one day.

Yalla Padel and udjat marketing agency for sports courts and clubs

Yalla Padel has been one of Udjat Agency’s clients since its start in 2022 and we have been in charge of all aspects of its marketing, including branding, social media presence, partnerships, and more

Key performance indicators (KPI)

From the beginning, we implemented key performance indicators that help to see how the marketing efforts are going, on a quarterly and half-yearly basis supporting it with reports to ensure that we work properly to reach their target.

Generating sports marketing ideas to improve its level of services and products, and add more competitive advantages, making it more special than other padel courts in Egypt.

Sports marketing strategy

Udjat Agency created a marketing strategy for Yalla Padel in Alexandria

  1. By identifying our monthly and quarterly KPIs 
  2. conducting swot analysis to analyze its weakness, strengths, opportunities, and threats, to evaluate their marketing efforts
  3. Market research by studying, the market and other sports courts’ prices, services, and what they offer, and Yalla Padel doesn’t
  4. Applying the 4Ps of marketing to Yalla Padel in Alexandria for a more efficient planning

Branding development

Our team has created stunning designs that helped the Yalla Padel brand to attract interested people through social media. Showing its quality of courts and other services, as an important part of digital marketing services.

Moreover, we helped Yalla Padel with digital marketing and advertising services. To reach its target audience and increase engagement rate on different social media platforms. As well as developing their online presence and brand awareness.

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