Udjat Agency is the best marketing agency for cafes, and one of our clients is Wallen’s cafe, with the great speciality coffee experience they offer for their customers in Sheikh Zayed. Giza, Egypt. We’ve worked with many cafes and developed marketing strategies. After studying and analyzing their business situation and the market. We provided them with comprehensive marketing services,  for the cafe starting by marketing for the cafe’s target audience. Moving to provide them with photography for marketing that produces stunning photos that reflect their service quality as a perfect place when it comes to sheikh zayed cafes.

Beside social media management service to increase brand awareness of their business so they can get more powerful reach from their target audience. For instance, this will serve the main goal leading to getting new customers ending the process with little help from social media advertising and other forms of advertising on more than one marketing channel.

wallen's speciality coffee shop logo includes the word wallen's in yellow color with black background

Wallen’s Cafe and Udjat marketing agency for cafe and restaurant 

Wallen’s Coffee has been a client of Udjat since 2022. 

Winner Marketing strategy

A marketing strategy is, well-structured plan for the promotional efforts across multiple platforms and channels. It often consists of objectives, target audience profiles,creating content , implementing key performance indicators, and other elements, and tie all the efforts to their business objectives.

The strategy has included:

Market research 

Collecting information about wallen’s market and targeted customers in order to ensure  the success of the rest of the marketing efforts.Moreover we need to know what their competitors offer, and their target audience needs.

in order to guarantee your team is effectively expressing your company’s value. 

Brand positioning for the speciality coffee shop

Helping them to decide what is the ideal position for their brand in the market in, terms of price and service quality compared to their competitors that helps to choose the perfect spot in the target market and also in the mind of their customers.

Analyzing business main elements 

Price,  product, place, promotion

After analysing their customers’ wants and preferences, We worked on linking their prices to their product quality and true worth, and then give their products and services more attention to every aspect to match their audience’s demands.

Furthermore, we assisted them in getting to the point where they could market their services and products. Decide on the ideal places to promote, whether through traditional or digital marketing channels.

Because it is a coffee lab rather than a conventional café, it requires specialised marketing efforts and content.

Finally, we set their marketing budget based on their objectives and managed their marketing activities efficiently.

Enjoy the most wonderful speciality coffee experience 

Wallen’s is Egypt’s first coffee lab, specializing in freshly roasted coffee. They appreciate coffee’s chemistry.It’s the first Egyptian company to embrace the concept of the Third Wave and coffee.

In other words, it’s one of the best sheikh zayed cafes that always aims for the best quality.

This cafe is a go-to spot for coffee enthusiasts seeking a perfectly roasted and expertly crafted cup of coffee. Their highly skilled baristas are knowledgeable in all methods of coffee-making, ensuring a satisfying experience for any coffee lover.

They are experts in the coffee industry, because they make a great effort to get the best possible product through the whole process. Starting from buying coffee from specific areas and countries around the world.

Choosing coffee That got much care from the farmers. Then coffee traders can offer the proper storage, and transportation conditions, moving to implement every type of coffee roast creating a custom profile for each coffee type, and brewing that meet every customer’s taste.
All of this relies on highly experienced Baristas who know how to get the job done.

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