Udjat Agency is the leading agency for ecommerce and digital marketing. One of our clients with the main focus on online instant grocery delivery Dubai is Fruigetables. We’ve developed a solid marketing strategy of ecommerce platform with the goal of great ecommerce growth. We searched for so many commerce and digital marketing ideas to improve this place looking to offer a new style of specialization. While helping health enthusiasts and fruit lovers all over Dubai and uae besides having the advantage of being one of the cheapest online grocery shopping Dubai and the highest quality.

logo of fruigetables an ecommerce platform which got marketing services for ecommerce growth including green background with the word fruigetables in a yellow color

Fruigetables and Udjat marketing agency for online groceries and e-commerce platforms 

Fruigetables has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2021, Udjat Agency has provided Fruigtables marketing strategy of ecommerce growth as a platform for instant grocery delivery Dubai and uae citizens could prefer by studying, the food market, and competitors.

We helped them to define their business goals like:

  • Increase brand awareness
  • Generate leads
  • Increase sales or revenue
  • Improve their return on investment (ROI)

Swot analysis

To identify the internal strengths and weaknesses and also the be ready for future opportunities and threats from the changing market.

Marketing Plan for ecommerce growth

Analyzing 4p factors price, product, place, and promotion.

Starting by developing their services to fulfill their customer’s needs and demands

And choosing the best price for their target audience and meeting their business goals Impacting the overall success of their service and products. 

The place is where they are going to sell their products finding the right place on the market.

Defining SMART goals

 so their goals need to be specific, well-defined, and relevant to their business and target customers, measurable  beside 

Being achievable and not illogical for the current situation and lastly having a clear timeline with start and end date.

Key performance indicators 

to measure the overall performance like 

  • Conversion rates
  • Cost per lead
  • Social media engagement
  • Organic traffic
  • Sales revenue

Moreover, we worked on different digital marketing channels and social media platforms for posting and advertising to support the platform’s brand awareness so it can get new customers as one of the best quality and cheapest online grocery shopping dubai has.

They deliver the freshest food to your doorstep.

Fruigetables is an online platform for fruits and vegetables.

beginnings in the trade of fresh vegetables and fruits. With decades of experience in sustaining the vibrant international sourcing network of suppliers for fruits and vegetables of the highest quality standards from the best farms all around the world, we strive to be the most trusted source for healthy food in UAE.

Fruigetables has ensured that the varied needs of each customer. With the new online shopping experience, Fruigetables is your go-to online grocery for the freshest fruits, vegetables, fruit juices, fresh & marinated meat, chicken, and more.it’s also one of the cheapest online grocery shopping Dubai and uae has on it’s land.

They bring to you the largest variety of fresh produce from the best sources around the world. With same day or next day delivery via hygienic, food-grade refrigerated vehicles, Fruigetables ensures freshness & quality remain intact till your doorstep.

Fruigetables offer scheduled delivery of fresh produce from local farmers directly to consumers.

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