Udjat Agency is a supplement stores marketing agency. And Nutrition is a leading supplement store in alexandria and one of our clients in the supplement industry in Alexandria, Egypt.
We provide it with comprehensive marketing services as one of the best digital marketing agencies in egypt we developed a marketing strategy that covers the main goals and initiatives besides full branding services and elegant designs and photoshoots making the store more memorable. using it for marketing of social media services. so nutrition could compete in the supplements market with the help of smart marketing for services nutrition offer that no other supplement can afford. So it’s the best supplement store in alexandria.

supplement stores Logo consists of a masculine man, plant and the planet earth it the logo of nutrition around the globe

Helping people to be the best version of themselves

Nutrition around the globe has a variety of top-quality supplements for every goal any athlete, bodybuilder, or just a regular person. Just need to be fit would need to whether they want to, Lose weight, gain muscles, or just Maintain a Healthy Weight.

Nutrition offers every single type of dietary supplement. Beginning with protein supplements that help people to get their daily need of protein creatine. That helps the body to store more water inside muscle fibers not under the skin as some people think.

Besides reproducing more energy, pre-workout, and fat burners for those who want to lose more weight. and other supplements. So Helping people to be fit and healthy is a top priority for Nutrition stores.

Nutrition also provides its clients with the right supplement, nutrition plan, and training programs, to improve appearance, feel, and performance.

And recently it has all kinds of healthy food besides its weekly and monthly programs in calculated quantities, it can complete the nutrition plans it offers.

Nutrition Around the Globe & Udjat Supplement Stores Marketing Agency

Nutrition around the globe has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2022. We worked so hard to develop a powerful marketing strategy, as well as a new brand identity, and imaginative designs.

Making its brand more special, and different from the competitors (supplement stores) and delivering its messages.
By doing market research and competitive analysis we increase our knowledge about our direct competitors.

Moreover work to develop their unique selling point (USP), price, and other information as a top provider of supplements in egypt. This helped us to determine our selling point for the next few months and to determine our price.

Buyer Persona ad KPIs

Studying their buyer persona to gain more customer insights that affect product growth and sales. By choosing the best marketing activities for supplement stores depending on their customer’s needs.

We decoded their prices with the aim to be fair compared to product value, being suitable for our target customers, and finally being within the market range.

We created a marketing plan and included our KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). To measure our progress including conversion rate, cost per lead, and sales revenue.

Social media advertising

Udjat Agency also has offered advertising services to support nutrition store’s online presence. To be more visible on social media platforms.

And search results so that the supplement market is a highly competitive market with increasing awareness among customers about the importance of their health. Providing the highest quality of supplements in egypt.

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