Udjat Agency is one of the leading marketing agencies in egypt working in different industries, and one of our special clients is Hawk Loune one of the best alexandria cafes. We’ve searched for so many cafe marketing ideas to improve this place that of Alexandria. We’ve provided them with comprehensive marketing services, then started marketing for the cafe’s target audience. We also worked to provide effective photography for marketing purposes as we use it in posting on social media they have also benefited from social media management service to increase brand awareness of their business so they can get more powerful reach from their audience that can be transformed into new customers all of this service needed a push by advertising on more than one marketing channel.

A hawk holding a PlayStation controller and the word hawk lounge one of the best Alexandria cafes

Hawk Cafe and Udjat marketing agency for cafe and restaurant 

Hawk has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2021. 

comprehensive marketing services 

In the beginning, we developed a marketing strategy 

A marketing strategy is a precise, structured plan that details every business promotional efforts across a variety of platforms and channels.

Market research 

  • To get a good overview of their marketplace 
  • Determine who their potential customers are and where they are located 
  • Make smarter promotional and advertising decisions.
  • Deciding the best time to launch new products or services and how to improve the current ones or relocate

To begin, identify the competition from Alexandria cafes. If there are only one or two other competitors that determine where else customers go for the product or service Hawk provides, consider their objectives. 

Buyer persona

Moreover, we worked to choose the best places and digital marketing channels to market their service besides customized advertising campaigns for their targeted audience besides getting the most out of their place as a cafe in alexandria by the Sea.

SWOT analysis 

to detect their strengths and weaknesses and points to work on besides helping their business to be ready to acquire future opportunities and face any market threats with the main goal of being one of the best alexandria cafes.

branding development

We provided them with professional photography for marketing showing every competitive service and product they offer for their audience followed by good professional branding services to have a powerful brand name and be a tough competitor as we have provided them with creative designs to build a new visual identity supported by constant digital marketing efforts.

The best place to get out of stress

Hawk, was established two years ago with the goal of providing happiness and enjoyment as a cafe in alexandria by the sea it has great vibes.

It’s also the best place for youth and large groups of friends to go to if you want to go out after a long day at work, college, or school.

hawk is one of the best cafes in Alexandria that offers everything you will need in terms of cafes and restaurants it consists of two floors 

The first one is for serving all  types of beverages and a variety of delicious meals 

The second floor is a different level of joy that has a group of rooms to watch Netflix and chill or to play on PlayStation.

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