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About Udjat Agency

Our area of practice is quite wide: design, graphics, branding. The experts at our web design studio know exactly how to make your project unique. 

Contact us today and get a free trial plan to give a new start to your business, or a personal website!


Give the chance for small business and local business real marketing experience.


Build a qualified talent from the Middle Eastern youth to compete with the international experts.Help small and extra small businesses compete with corporates.


Don't Lie, Help others, be responsible.
What does it mean

What is the meaning of Udjat?

In ancient Egyptian mythology, there was a god named Horus, the son of isis and Osiris, Horus eyes could view the future if you looked at them, Horus eyes called Udjat, Wedjat, and even Wadjet.

From the same concept of seeing your business’ future, we’ve created the Udjat Agency, we’re not just giving you the ability to see your future, we plan it, work to make it successful, and we get the job done.

This team makes me feel at ease. They are aware of my requirements and make excellent efforts to meet them.

Hossam El-Tablawy

HYT Developments

The team works well together. The quality control is great. The ideas and designs make us happy to work with you.

Ahmed Mady

Mady Clinics

This team works well together. They are active and always follow up with me. I have noticed the difference since I started working with Udjat Agency and I believe we will create something remarkable.

Mina Rizq


Despite the fact that everything around me is disorganized, the udjat team is well-organized and systematic, and the most impressive thing is that they keep the system running.

Adel Khairoullah

Hammam El-Saraya

Udjat’s teams follow a creative way to work which makes them a spectacular team at an imaginative agency, they are systematic and understand my needs. Thank you to everyone on the Udjat team!

Hassan Morayef

Sugar & Tea

We carefully select our clients

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