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Udjat agency

The best marketing agency

Udjat agency considered as one of the best marketing agencies in so many nations, with expertise in different types of markets and business industries.

We know you've moved on so many agencies, and we're promising you, you're going to land with Udjat Agency.


Check out our Search engine optimization services.

Social Media Marketing

Checkout our social media marketing services


Wants to create a brand name? or rebrand your current?

Email & Whatsapp Marketing

Reach your B2B with Whatsapp and Email marketing campaigns.

Team of marketing experts to help your business.

A team full of experts trained and educated to make sure you’re in the right place and with honest hands.

Weekly follow up quality control team to make sure your work with account manager and teams are aligned.

Highly educated consultatants follow and help the basic teams to upgrade and uplift the quality of your business.

Features of working with Udjat agency


Work with hours and pay for only what you get.
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Account Manager

An account manager dedicated to your business follow ups.
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CRM Account

Track your tasks live and in real-time, Tranparent policy.
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Yes, our workflow is something we add to our features, learn more about it.
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There’s some Cliché answers, we wouldn’t answer, but we can answer this as the following:

  1. Steady Workflow: Allows you to make sure everything is going smoothly and on-time.
  2. Hours System: You pay for what you get, and not more.
  3. Transperancy: you can watch the team working using your CRM account.
  4. Experts Team: a team full of experts working for your business.
  5. Knowledge in different markets: Our team working in different types of markets such (USA, Egypt, UAE, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Bahrain..etc).
  6. Different Industries: Team already working in different types of business industies.

Easily you can just inform your account manager with the period as per your contract says, and you’re switched.

Yes, Sure, if you’re willing to share any sensitive information we’re happy to sign a NDA and welcoming your creative idea.

Yes, and yet we didn’t recieve more than 10 refunds requests through 3 years of work, from +200 clients.