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Why udjat agency

Udjat Agency in a brief

Udjat is a fast growing agency you can learn all About Udjat Agency and understand who are we and how do we work.

Here's a quick brief about who are we and statistics about how much did we deliver from our work.

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our packages

Pay per hour, is much better

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Our pricing

Pricing of Udjat Agency

We don’t adhere to a fixed pricing model or a one-size-fits-all approach. Instead, we offer something even better. What is it?

Packages system

Most marketing and digital marketing agencies operate on a package system, offering a set of marketing activities for a fixed price. However, since each business has unique needs, this approach doesn’t suit all types of businesses and isn’t always fair.

Hours Packages

Instead, we use an hours-based system. This allows you to get the specific marketing activities you need by purchasing and refilling credit hours as required.

Why it's important to me?

By purchasing working hours, you can access a wide range of marketing activities tailored to your needs. This flexible approach ensures you get exactly the services you want, whenever you need them.

Get more, with same price

With our system, you receive more value and flexibility for the same amount you'd pay with other agencies. You get tailored services that maximize your investment, ensuring you get the most out of every dollar spent.