Udjat agency is a beauty centre marketing agency, and Hamam El-Saray is one of our clients working with on the marketing for spa Hamam El-Saray. The beauty centre worked with Udjat Agency, the one that created a profitable marketing strategy for spa Hamam El-Saray. The beautycenter become one of the fastest-growing spas in Alexandria, Egypt. We’ve searched and worked on creating the spa marketing ideas mixing content types like real photos, videos, reels, and social media design; we also made educational content. Marketing a spa has been pleasing and successful so quickly like Hamam El-Saray as it is an industry with many competitors.

Hamam El-Saraya beautycenter


The spa of Alexandria


With owners’ experience of more than ten years in the industry, the beauty centre created a boom by offering high-quality products and services at reasonable prices for clients.


Hamam El-Saraya enters the market with two branches, offering men and ladies high-quality beauty services.


Marketing for spa by Udjat Agency


Hamam El-Saray has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2022. And it works in Alexandria, Egypt’s beauty, cosmetic & personal care industry.


Udjat Agency has created the marketing strategy for spa Hamam El-Saray. At the same time, providing new innovative spa marketing ideas made a barrier between Hamam El-Saray and its competitors.


The beautycenter offers services for both men and women in the beauty centre’s two branches. In addition, offering these various services didn’t stop Hamam El-Saray from serving them with high quality and with the testimonials of the beauty centre customers.


The marketing for spa Hamam El-Saray was the main reason for blowing the beauty centre in Alexandria and attracting many customers to change their preferred beauty centre.


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Oriental touch


Hamam El-Saraya is where the ladies and the men can relieve their stress and renew their life routine.

Also, Hamam El-Saraya is a place with an oriental touch where your eyes would love the decor and be happy with the team vibes.

Massage, skincare, waxing, Turkish bath, Moroccan bath, nail services, and more are available at Hamam El-Saraya.


Body care


A place can provide all the ladies and men with all the body care with complete services such as; Spa. It is a health center that offers everything related to health and beauty, such as all kinds of treatments for the skin and the body, full-body peeling, and all sorts of watery skin, such as sauna and steam, face and body masks.

The beautycenter provides tips and advice on maintaining a healthy life and nutrition programs.


Numerous services


Several spa services are available at Hamam ElSaraya for both ladies and men.

Services such as facials, massages, manicures and pedicures, and even hair and makeup services are often available.

In addition, the spa offers a variety of package deals that can include a combination of services, making it easy to find the perfect pampering experience.


Hamam El-Saraya services:


The spa offers services such as 


  1. Body care.
  2. Skincare.
  3. Haircare.
  4. Dy use.
  5. Massage.
  6. Many kinds of bathes.
  7. Groom services and packages.
  8. Bride services and packages.
  9. Foot and hand care.
  10. Skin cleaning.
  11. Makeup.
  12. Many types of hamams for the ladies and men.


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