Udjat agency worked on travel marketing with Travel Night a Saudi Arabia-based company in the travel industry that targets customers from all over the middle east. As a travel and tourism marketing agency, we started working on creating marketing strategy for travel company. We’ve searched for new marketing ideas to grab the attention of our targeted customers. Marketing in travel agency like Travel Nigh wasn’t that easy. It isn’t easy to advertising for travel agency that is recently established because it doesn’t have a trusting connection with the potential clients. Let’s find out how we overcome these challenges.

Travel Night - Travel marketing agency

Travel Night is an online platform

Travel Night is an online platform located in Jadda al Qassim, Saudi Arabia; it was established in 2021. Travel night provides several travel and tourism services, such as flight and hotel reservations to thousands of destinations worldwide, Travel trips, and booking hotels.

They are offering travel services to all travelers and leaving a positive impression on the customers to make them want to travel with Travel night again and again.

Travel Night the travel marketing Agency

From the start of Travel Night, they have been Udjat’s partner, Travel Night is an online platform for booking flights, and hotels, and it also provides travel trips. We started by creating the brand logo and we were responsible for the company’s whole branding. Then, we continue our journey by targeting clients in Egypt and Saudi Arabia. 

Advertising for travel agency maybe sometimes challenging to find the right audience when you are working in different countries with different cultures. Still, we manage to solve this riddle by working on social media platforms correctly to reach our potential customers. As a travel and tourism marketing agency, the Udjat team always take this point while creating a marketing strategy for travel company that works in different countries or continent.

Marketing in travel agency industry is always competitive as all the companies target the same audience and try to attract them.

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Best travel experience

Travel night also provides the best travel experiences for its customers by providing the best trips at the best prices.

Great trips and above-and-beyond service for every customer who has traveled via the platform.

The platform has achieved the best results in achieving the missions due to good dealings between Travel Night and the customers.

You can reach out to more through Travel Night, providing all of the comforts and ensuring your safety while traveling.

Travel Night provides the best trips at the most affordable prices.

Internal travel trips

In addition, travel Night always assists with internal and inter-city transfers with a private driver just for you.

Your worldwide trips, to and from anywhere, book now with a few clicks from your device, and travel to another location with the assistance of Travel night.

Travel Night offers internal trips and complete vacation packages for an unforgettable vacation.

Travel Night, travel marketing services

It provides a wide range of services including hotels and flight booking, also you can book your vacation trip with them and travel to some of the best places you can go.

Flights and hotels

  • Over 500 Airlines
  • Over 1 Million hotels worldwide
  • Inclusive Prices (Taxes & Fees)
  • safe-secure


As an online platform it has a lot of benefits with mentioned a few of them for you:

1. Easy & Fast Booking

Travel night the travel marketing engine is so easy and fast for those who looking for a booking, with a Search engine that allows you to compare and book your tickets at the lowest fares.

2. Multi Payment Option

Choose how you want to pay for your bookings.

3. 24/7 Customer Support

They’re here to help you round the clock.

Serving their customers, searching for their entire happiness, and providing touristic services of quality, committing to our country’s social, cultural, and environmental reality.

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