Udjat Agency is the leading marketing agency for restaurant, and one of our clients is Tolip Hotel, with a great history of creating a high repetition for its customers in Alexandria, Egypt. We’ve searched for so many restaurant marketing ideas to improve this place that looks directly on the mediterranean sea of Alexandria. We’ve created a marketing strategy for restaurant and then started marketing for restaurant target audience. While creating the marketing strategy we conducted extensive research about our target audience, our competitors, and the latest trends in the industry of food and beverage.

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The luxury hotel in Alexandria, Egypt, Tolip hotel, established the Sae View cafe group to expand their customer and Alexandria residents’ happiness and enjoyment by offering a wide range of cafes and restaurants directly next to the fantastic mediterranean sea of Alexandria.

Sea view cafe group is related to the Tolip hotel. It provides a variety of restaurants, lounges, and cafes with the best atmosphere both indoors and out by the sea, such as Roza cafe, La Cuisine restaurant, and the Fisher basket for seafood.

Tolip hotel & Udjat marketing agency for restaurant

Sea view cafe group has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2022. And it is related to the hotel field in Alexandria, Egypt.

Udjat Agency is the marketing agency for restaurant and beach of Tolip Hotel. In the beginning, we created a marketing strategy for restaurant filled with many mixed restaurant marketing ideas mixing between the food and beverage and the Sea view Beach.

The agency has been honored to work with the Tolip hotel and be the agency responsible for marketing for restaurant and the beach.

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Sea view services

Sea view offers two genders of services: a cafe and a restaurant. Secondly, Sea View beach

1. Roza cafe

Your happy place is nowhere near Roza cafe, dessert shop, and bakery, related to Alexandria’s restaurant and bakery industry by the sea. You can enjoy the sea view with family and friends while tasting delicious food and feeling the sea vibes.

In addition to parties with famous singers, Roza cafes offer a variety of drinks and breakfast.

Roze services
  • Hot drinks
  • Classics coffee
  • Soft drinks
  • Ice cream
  • Dessert
  • Breakfast
  • Sandwiches and toasts
  • Fresh juices
  • Summer parties

2. Sea view beach

Sea view- marketing for restaurant

Make this summer one to remember at Sea View Tolip Beach. Enjoy our special nights with all the summer vibes you adore at Sea View Tolip beach, where sun, sand, and beach are all around you.

People can also enjoy the hotel services such as summer nights and celebrity singer parties.

Wedding receptions by the sea with family and friends.

A Fished basket seafood restaurant would serve seafood in front of the sea.

The sea view is located in the heart of Alexandria Corniche, with views of the sea and the city. The staff is friendly and eager to assist visitors.

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