Udjat Agency is the leading agency for marketing software companies, and one of our clients in Cairo, Egypt, is Smartech. We’ve used software marketing videos in our marketing strategy for the software house. This was very useful in our marketing strategy of software company with a goal to add value for our audience. We’ve created a marketing strategy for software company including market research, buyer persona, competitive analysis, etc, and then started implementing our software marketing plan. Udjat worked also on the personal branding of Smartech owner on TikTok, talking about the latest technology worldwide. The marketing for software company, Smartech will also benefit from the owner videos as the more because the more views the more people will know Smartech.

The experienced company is now in Egypt

Smartech has 2 branches one in Kuwait and opened a new one in Egypt in 2022.

It provides people with mobile applications and platforms that help them make their lives easier. In Smartech, you will forget the old ways and live in the bright future.

In addition, they provide looks always to bring for their clients the fastest and most valuable software for their businesses.

Smartech & Udjat for marketing software companies

Udjat Agency created the marketing strategy for software company called Smartech that have 2 branches one in Cairo and the other in kwuait.

Smartech has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2021. Udjat agency worked with them to market the company’s services on different social media platforms. We always wanted to create a community more than being just a good looking brand with useful content 

One of the key success factors in software marketing videos as video content has become the most engaging content all over the internet. In addition, it should be included in any marketing strategy of software company.

We included it in marketing for software company Smartech as we created a channel on TikTok for the founder of Smartech and started creating weekly videos talking about passed of topics about the latest technologies and trends. Which made Smartech marketing different from any of the marketing software companies.

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Name concept

Smartech’s given name. It is divided into two phrases: smart and tech. They creatively apply the Smart mind in the field of technology with the tech part representing the company industry.

The Smartech company brings your ideas to life. By offering the simplest solution to the most complex situation.

Company portfolio

The company aims to deliver fast and smart technologies by establishing a long-term relationship with its customers.

The company has a portfolio filled with more than 220 great projects in software development applications using various programming technologies and also a different programming language.

Hardware and AI department

Also, there is a hardware and AI section. The hardware department is responsible for developing and solving companies’ hardware issues. 

The increasing demand for AI usage has gotten attracted Smartech. Therefore, the software house started adopting the latest technologies in AI with a target to be one of the market leaders in AI in Egypt and Kuwait.


Real feature for marketing software companies

The company offers a new service for all entrepreneurs and anyone with a startup idea or has a company and needs a website. Smartech has developed a technology enabling companies to create their e-commerce website with high quality and good looking in just 3 days.

The feature empowers youth in the middle east to create their dream company and their ideas come to be true with a fast and low-cost e-commerce websites

Smartech services include

  • Website: frontend, backend, Ui, Ux, and Database.
  • Mobile applications
  • Software services

Smartech clients

You can check some of Smartech‘s clients like  

  1. Mouzoun
  2. Entrambi
  3. MindTales
  4. Studytime Edu
  5. عناية للخدمات الطبية

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