Udjat Agency is the leading marketing agency for beauty centers. One of our clients working in the beauty center industry in Alexandria, Egypt, is Mamlaket El-Arosa beauty centre.

The beauty center also worked as a beauty nail and spa center for the ladies.

We’ve searched for many beautycenter marketing ideas to improve this place filled with beauty secrets. We’ve created for the beauty centre services like hair treatments, nails, spa skincare advertising campaign which was thriving. In addition, the beauty centre has a department for selling skin care products.


The ultimate beauty center


Mamlaket El-Arosa is a beauty salon that provides a variety of cosmetic treatments and services for ladies. It includes professional hair cutting and styling, manicures and pedicures, cosmetics, and makeup.


Mamlaket El-Arosa & Udjat marketing agency for beauty centers

Udjat Agency created the marketing strategy for a beauty center called Mamlaket El-Arosa.

Mamlaket El-Arosa has been one of Uudjat’s clients since 2022. And it is related to the beauty industry in Alexandria, Egypt.

The beautycenter has years of experience filled with numerous beauty secrets. The differentiation in the beauty center services has gained the ladies’ love for being the all-in services for their hair treatments, skin care, nails, spa, etc.

Mamlaket El-Arosa is also a beauty nail and spa salon for women. In addition, the beauty centre created a new source of revenue from selling skin care products to its customers.


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Beauty therapist myths


It might be challenging to keep track of all of the treatments offered in the beauty industry because it has become so large.


The days of all-encompassing ‘beauty therapists’ are long gone.

Many independent salons specialize in a limited number of services, ranging from nail art to tanning. Even the largest spa salons are unlikely to have a single employee who can do everything.


Taken care


The focus is on creating a premium experience for customers so they feel taken care of from the time they walk into the salon.


What we excel at is assisting clients in looking and feeling fabulous.

We enjoy adding the latest trends to our beauty salon as our range of treatments grows, providing our lovely clientele with various alternatives to select from.

So, if you’re looking for a little treat to brighten up your 2022, have a look at our best options, which are all available at our salon:


Dreams come true


Finding the right time might be difficult. We were fortunate to come across the Mamlaket Elarosa beauty center. The girl’s dream has come true with Mamlaket Elarosa. Mamlaket Elarosa saves the day for the ladies!


Professionals staffs


The makeovers in Mamlaket are professionals, and the staff are great and always ready to help.

Finding the right time might be difficult. We were fortunate to come across the mamlaket Elarosa beauty center. The girl’s dream has come true with Mamlaket Elarosa. Mamlaket Elarosa saves the day for the ladies!


The beauty center hairdressers


Mamlaket El-Arosa hairdressers and beauty salons provide a wide range of services for women, from hair styling and coloring to nail care and waxing. They frequently have a team of experts who can advise you on what styles and colors will suit you best.

Hairdressers at Mamlaket El-Arosa also provide many wedding packages which suit many ladies.


Many services would be provided for all the ladies by the Mamlaket Elarosa center, such as:

  1. Hair-cutting, coloring, and styling.
  2. Hair treatment.
  3. Eyelashes treatment.
  4. Many forms of hair removal.
  5. Nail treatments.
  6. Facials and skincare treatments.
  7. Bride’s packages.
  8. Soirée makeup.
  9. Makeup for occasions.
  10. Manicure.
  11. Paduicer.


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