Udjat agency is a real estate advertising and marketing agency, and HYT is one of our clients in the real estate industry. Udjat helps HYT to market its services in the real estate market 2022 and will continue to do so in the next years. HYT chose Udjat agency from various marketing companies for real estate in Alexandria also because of their team’s experience in real estate marketing on social media, google ads, and also offline marketing campaigns. Udjat agency has created a marketing strategy that suits the new company in the industry. Accordingly, our real estate advertising facebook campaign has achieved a good result in lead generation for real estate and for interior design services offered by the company.

HYT Group - Real estate advertising


HYT started with the idea of a specialized focus on the entire process of the project concept through completion.

HYT designs with the future and respect for people in mind.

The company understands the system and works with the preconstruction and construction teams to make sure that they provide the clients with their needs considering their budget.

The holding group is the perfect combination of three separate companies created to complete each other, and they are HYT Development, HYT Construction, and HYT Architecture Design.

Our story with real estate advertising and marketing development services

Since 2021, we have been providing marketing services for our partner, HYT group. It is one of the best and leading development, construction, and architectural companies with a new vision in Alexandria, Egypt.

Udjat’s services include a software department responsible for creating websites, mobile applications, and systems. The other department is the marketing department responsible for creating company branding, social media management, and real estate advertising services.

HYT chose Udjat among marketing companies for real estate marketing because of their expertise and also due to Udjat’s all services available in software development, SEO, and marketing.

We were the ones responsible for creating HYT website and also we are responsible for the company’s real estate marketing on social media. We hit a big success in our real estate advertising facebook campaign in both the real estate and interior design industries.

Accordingly, we managed to overcome the challenges of the real estate market 2022 starting from the Covid-19 impact on the market and also the currency instability.

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Extreme growth for businesses

HYT believes that every project is unique so, it can customize the approach to fit all visions. HYT focuses on delivering innovative and unique construction solutions.

Also, HYT offers consultation, planning, and programming of the project from highly experienced teams of engineers and consultants.

Most importantly, it takes the expertise, skills, and commitment of HYT engineers to bring your dream home to life.


  1. The development department: is responsible for converting land into a new, advanced one by constructing and redesigning it with all of its available profits.
  2. The construction department: is the department in charge of realizing your vision through consulting, research, planning, creative design, and construction.
  3. The architectural department is responsible for the creation and presentation of designs based on an analysis of needs and demands.

HYT projects

Its goal is to provide efficiency and quality on project time.

  1. Swaray El-Riad
  2. El-Kateb landmark projects
  3. Valore Smouha
  4. Valore Antonidas
  5. Nada palace tower
  6. Smouha castle
  7. Compound smouha entrance
  8. High class 2
  9. Elmona palace tower
  10. Elmona style compound
  11. Mariouttiya  castel compound

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