Udjat Agency is a gym marketing agency, and gym Gold’s Elite is one of our clients in our marketing for gym industry in Alexandria, Egypt. Marketing gym for women and men has become a highly competitive market with the increasing the awareness of customers about the importance of their health. Gym golds don’t rely only on digital marketing and advertising only. Still, they create a gym routine for women and men, choose a good location, have the highest machine quality in the market, competitive prices, and some other factors that play a part in this brand creation and development.


Gym Gold’s


The gym Gold’s global chain was founded in 1965 in the United States by Joe Gold. The gym Golds continued its expansion until it came to Egypt. Gym Golds now has lots of branches in Egypt. Continually, spreading the gym goal to make a bodybuilder, growing the confidence of individuals, building a gym routine for women and men, etc. 


Gym Gold’s Elite & Udjat gym marketing agency 


Gym Gold’s Elite is one of the best gyms in Alexandria, Egypt, and has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2022. The gym offers a premium, high-quality service for its clients. Gym Golds offers a distinguish gym routine for women and men that help them become healthier, and their system created a lot of triumphant bodybuilders. Therefore, we needed to continue the gym marketing history of success.

Accordingly, we came up with new marketing technology that no other gym used in Alexandria; VR Touring


We create a gym simulation where anyone can take a tour of the gym on their phone and see all the small details. As a result, the marketing for gym using the VR help increase the gym revenue as potential customers have got the option to see the gym in their home.


The Gold’s gym for women and men had an increase in the number of memberships in both departments using the VR technologies; you can check the project from here.  


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Gym Members


Members of Gold’s Elite have access to the best coaches, personal trainers, and group exercise instructors.

That means you’ll have access to inspiring experts committed to your success.


Classes diversity 


Whatever the goal or level of experience, Gold’s Elite wide range of fitness classes and offerings can assist people in reaching their objectives.

You’ll also be part of a welcoming community of people who share your goals. 

All of this adds up to an experience completely unique.

Gold’s Elite has a great location in San Stefano, which means it is near all Alexandria facilities, which is suitable for the youth too. Gold’s Elite gym has a comfortable environment which helps people to have this spirit of exercising and making progress.

Gym Gold’s Elite services:

Gym Golds is a gym for women and men that have lots of services such as:


  • Fitness programs
  • Zumba classes
  • Belly dancing classes
  • Aerobics classes
  • Equipment and machines
  • Personal Training
  • Group Exercise
  • Cardio and strength areas
  • Supplements 


The gym hopes to be the reason to create a gym routine for women and men. In addition, the gym routine help to transform lives for the better. Not only in your body health but on your mental health, it makes you feel better and happier. The proven record of gym Gold’s transforming the lives of a lot of individuals worldwide made the gym deserve to be the best gym for women and men.

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