Udjat Agency is the leading marketing agency for restaurant. One of our clients with the main focus is on croissants and breakfast in Alexandria, Egypt, is Croizone restaurant and café. We’ve searched for so many restaurant marketing ideas to improve this place looking to offer a new style of specialization. We’ve created a marketing strategy for restaurant and then started marketing for restaurant targeting croissant lovers all over Alexandria.

Croizone - marketing for restaurant

The bakery restaurant 

Croizone’s name comes from the restaurant focusing on serving high-quality croissants with a whole new experience and products in Alexandria food and beverage industry.

While typically, in the croissant industry, the croissant is made using only a few kinds of cheese with some vegetables. The restaurant elevates the products getting ahead of only other competitors. It offers a menu full of new croissant types that taste the croissant to a higher level. You will find a lot of new mixing in croissants between different kinds of cheeses, with the option of adding some sorts of meats and seafood.

Croizone‘s exclusive and beyond compare products with proper restaurant marketing puts the restaurant ahead of all its competitors. Without losing sight of the fact that the Udjat agency did marketing for restaurant.

Croizone & Udjat marketing agency for restaurant


Croizone has been one of Udjat’s clients since 2021.  It is related to the Cafe and restaurant industry in Alexandria, Egypt. It is focusing on providing a complete entertainment experience made for croissant lovers. Croizone has been successful in the past few months from the start of the restaurant opening. In the right way with the help of Udjat as the marketing agency for restaurant. We’ve to create a marketing strategy for restaurant that delivers its purpose of it to its target audience. Therefore, we have developed new restaurant marketing ideas that attract coffee and croissant lovers sicking for a new experience in Alexandria market.

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One of a kind

The place was a pleasure to be in Alexandria, near the sea and the tram station. A business would bring you the best freshly baked croissants, bagels, and drinks in Alexandra.

A one-of-a-kind location worth visiting and tasting.

Croizone can give you the vibes that make you want to be there every day with the colours and decorations!


The management didn’t forget to add to the customer journey by attractively creating a simple restaurant-style.

The brand has made a powerful brand identity starting with the logos and the brand’s digital presence on different social media. Furthermore, preparing the store to stick with the brand identity in every corner. Have the interior design starting from the walls and chairs to your cup of coffee with the same brand colour palette.

At Udjat, we keep up with the same concept in the social media designs combined with new restaurant marketing ideas.


Friendly team 

The Croizone team aims to provide high services possible to establish Croizone as one of Alexandria’s leading businesses. And they work very hard to please the customer by doing their best.

Croizone has a calm atmosphere, which people require at the start of their day.

Croizone services

Corizone’s menu would include a variety of services such as:

  • Croissant
  • Hot drinks
  • Cold drinks
  • Desert
  • Fresh juices
  • Soft drinks

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